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    He was always lovely in Awakening.
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    Yeah, I did that on my second DA run, he looks good in that black leather armor. Too bad he ‘forgets’ that if he learned...
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    Anders looks so sexy in armor.
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    hhhnnnngh must reblog Awakening Anders, and you can see his earing. I approve so much~
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    I am very glad I’m not the only one who did this. lol
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    I don’t even give him the chance to accept recruitment into the Wardens. Anders: Orrrrrr I can help you out- Warden: Ok!...
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    I love his face. “Woman, Y U MAKE ME WEAR HEAVY THING?”
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    My favorite thing to do in Awakenings was to put Anders in armor…hnnng.
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    Anders isn’t manly normally? Also, that frown is kinda sexy.
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