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And all of a sudden Anders is apparently the love of my life?!


He asked about being able to stay with me and I was just all casually going for the “You know you’re always welcome” kind of answer… but then it seems that that actually translates into “I want to be with you till we die”??


I did not sign up for this!

I love Anders, but that made me step back a bit. I know Anders and Hawke knew each other for years, but one night of sexing and they’re suddenly “omgtruluv11!!1”? I need to keep my options open as far as lifelong partnerships go….

Lyrium and Fenris - An Essay of Theory


So there was a new development for us fans in the form of David Gaider quotes. Specifically the issue I’m going to address is about the information on Fenris and the lyrium markings. Quote by Skyelinepigeon: “What effects the lyrium would have on Fenris is completely up in the air. Fenris was a test case by Danarius, the first of his kind, so anything can happen (lots of jokes about how fanfiction could go crazy on this, haha). It may make him crazy, may give him added powers, we don’t know. Also, since Danarius isn’t around anymore to “maintain” the lyrium (Gaider’s word), it could become unstable. Gaider imagines lyrium like mercury.” The following is an essay compiled of my previous notes and theory brainstorming I did a while ago when I wrote my short story “The Ritual.” It’s funny because this has been a part of my headcanon for a long time now.

The original Ritual I believe is much more akin to the ancient Tevinter mage rituals that drew on a lyrium well and created Golems. From what we know of Shale the Golems also had similar lyrium veined markings on them that could be “maintained” and “augmented” with crystals. Likewise, Fenris’ markings probably could be maintained and augmented by Danarius with either certain items or spells. I always believed Fenris was the first of his kind, and the only “lyrium warrior” out there. I also doubt the process could be repeated easily, and was probably something that died with Danarius.

The ritual Fenris endured had to have been with the use of the most potent and powerful form of raw lyrium. It is my belief that the ritual pretty much attached Fenris to the fade. This is also what caused the memory wipe. Since the fade is a place of emotion and I’m thinking Danarius had to allow a specific access point and catalyst to physically attach Fenris to the fade. This would most likely be at the point of his brain where emotions are stored. Whether the memory wipe was intentional or not is debated frequently, but I’m thinking Danarius knew and meant for the memory wipe to occur. Now, he can wipe the memories again presumably without the ritual repeating and does so if you give Fenris back to him. However, I still believe that while the memory wipe can be done separately it was indeed done intentionally the first time in conjunction with the ritual. This is because attaching Fenris to the fade through his emotions would be easier if the slate was wiped clean. It would be easier to isolate a point to ground Fenris to the markings if he didn’t have personal emotions and memories floating around interfering with the specific bind point.

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