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Because the Chantry was ultimately the driving force, the benevolent excuser of all the Templars’ misdeeds.  The Chantry created the Templar.  The Chantry created the rules about mages.  Everything goes back to the Chantry, and Anders knew that and wanted to dismantle the very institution that was supporting the oppression.  It sent a fairly strong message, I think.  A supporter of the Chantry is a supporter of the mistreatment and imprisonment of mages.

I just wish there had been an option to hug him and pat him on the back for it.  All they gave me was a range of rage to mild frustration.

And all of a sudden Anders is apparently the love of my life?!


He asked about being able to stay with me and I was just all casually going for the “You know you’re always welcome” kind of answer… but then it seems that that actually translates into “I want to be with you till we die”??


I did not sign up for this!

I love Anders, but that made me step back a bit. I know Anders and Hawke knew each other for years, but one night of sexing and they’re suddenly “omgtruluv11!!1”? I need to keep my options open as far as lifelong partnerships go….


Anders ran a clinic for a decade, and as Lirene says, he began his operation “without thought for coin.”  And why?  Because he cares about people; obviously he does, or he would have seized that opportunity of great suffering to wring the last dregs of wealth from the desperate and the sick.  Doesn’t it seem odd, then, to think that Anders would allow his actions to claim more innocent lives than necessary to make his point?  If you watch the destruction scene, the only people shown in the chantry are (approximately) five priestesses, a templar, and the grand cleric—but no civilians.  If civilians were intended to be caught up in the act and harmed, I think BioWare would have made it a point to show that.


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    Varric's Tale - Fenris

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    Dragon Age 2

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“They know what I am. Let them come, if they find the courage.”

Once slave to a Tevinter magister, Fenris was altered: lyrium was burned into his flesh, its magic both stripping his memory as well as changing him forever. He became a living weapon, and eventually used his power to escape his chains. Now he finds himself in a strange land with no friends—and a former master that refuses to let him be.

Fenris’ Story.

(Source: simply-crestfallen)

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