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Lyrium and Fenris - An Essay of Theory


So there was a new development for us fans in the form of David Gaider quotes. Specifically the issue I’m going to address is about the information on Fenris and the lyrium markings. Quote by Skyelinepigeon: “What effects the lyrium would have on Fenris is completely up in the air. Fenris was a test case by Danarius, the first of his kind, so anything can happen (lots of jokes about how fanfiction could go crazy on this, haha). It may make him crazy, may give him added powers, we don’t know. Also, since Danarius isn’t around anymore to “maintain” the lyrium (Gaider’s word), it could become unstable. Gaider imagines lyrium like mercury.” The following is an essay compiled of my previous notes and theory brainstorming I did a while ago when I wrote my short story “The Ritual.” It’s funny because this has been a part of my headcanon for a long time now.

The original Ritual I believe is much more akin to the ancient Tevinter mage rituals that drew on a lyrium well and created Golems. From what we know of Shale the Golems also had similar lyrium veined markings on them that could be “maintained” and “augmented” with crystals. Likewise, Fenris’ markings probably could be maintained and augmented by Danarius with either certain items or spells. I always believed Fenris was the first of his kind, and the only “lyrium warrior” out there. I also doubt the process could be repeated easily, and was probably something that died with Danarius.

The ritual Fenris endured had to have been with the use of the most potent and powerful form of raw lyrium. It is my belief that the ritual pretty much attached Fenris to the fade. This is also what caused the memory wipe. Since the fade is a place of emotion and I’m thinking Danarius had to allow a specific access point and catalyst to physically attach Fenris to the fade. This would most likely be at the point of his brain where emotions are stored. Whether the memory wipe was intentional or not is debated frequently, but I’m thinking Danarius knew and meant for the memory wipe to occur. Now, he can wipe the memories again presumably without the ritual repeating and does so if you give Fenris back to him. However, I still believe that while the memory wipe can be done separately it was indeed done intentionally the first time in conjunction with the ritual. This is because attaching Fenris to the fade through his emotions would be easier if the slate was wiped clean. It would be easier to isolate a point to ground Fenris to the markings if he didn’t have personal emotions and memories floating around interfering with the specific bind point.

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“They know what I am. Let them come, if they find the courage.”

Once slave to a Tevinter magister, Fenris was altered: lyrium was burned into his flesh, its magic both stripping his memory as well as changing him forever. He became a living weapon, and eventually used his power to escape his chains. Now he finds himself in a strange land with no friends—and a former master that refuses to let him be.

Fenris’ Story.

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Since apparently this blog is now a DA rant-fest too….

I need to get something off of my chest.

I love Dragon Age 2, but I’ll admit some of the writing was less-than-stellar. I also love Anders, as dickish as he became throughout DA 2.

There is, however, one thing I absolutely cannot stand, nor can I fathom why it was in the actual game.

Anders approving if you surrender Fenris to Danarius.

That is just major WTF to me. Especially considering the fact that by that point, the game has been SHOVING this idea of Anders being merged with Justice DOWN OUR THROATS. Justice does not approve of slavery. Hell, in his Awakening banter with Anders, Justice couldn’t differentiate between keeping a cat as a pet and slavery. Why the sudden change? And you know what? Fuck Justice. I have a hard time swallowing the fact that Anders is okay with it. He keeps telling Fenris that he can’t be against slavery but for the templars, so why would you be against the Circle but be for Fenris returning to slavery? Yes, there’s a lot of hypocrisy in the game, and that’s how it should be. Reality is hypocritical. At the same time, this completely crosses a line in my head.

Fenris is honestly the better man in this game. Yeah, he and Anders both loathe each other with a passion. (So much so that somebody should put them in a video to the song “What is this Feeling?” because it would be cracktastic and make sense and just yeah.)

But Fenris never turns Anders in to the Circle. He just suggests that mages and non-mages are better off with the existence of the Circle. THERE’S EVEN PARTY BANTER ABOUT THIS:

Paraphrased like HELL

Sebastian: Hey, so Anders and Merrill are totally malificarum and the Chantry says that’s really bad, so we should TURN THEM THE FUCK IN TO THE CIRCLE.

Fenris: Not gonna do it.

Sebastian: But why not?

Fenris: It’s a bad idea. Just try explaining their disappearance to Hawke, dude. We’re better off just putting up with their bullshit.

Fenris, who calls Anders and Merrill monsters every chance he gets, who antagonizes them every time they screw up, is the one who STOPS SEBASTIAN FROM PUTTING THEM IN PRISON. He effectively keeps them alive, which appears to be something Anders either doesn’t fucking understand, or is just such a dick that he doesn’t care. And as messed up as he is, I do not want to believe that Anders is so far gone in his dickery that he would be so quick to throw Fenris back to the wolves.

One could argue that since Justice is more Vengeance, Anders’ reaction is justifiable. To those of you who would say this, I call shenanigans.

I truly do.

Rantings of a Dragon Age Fanatic: It isn't Merrill's fault if her Clan dies.






It’s the Keeper’s.

If Marethari hadn’t done what she did, Merrill would have been the only one to die. Which would have been sad, yes, but she would have been the only one to pay for her blood magic. The Clan…

I think Merrill bears at least some of the blame. I think one of the themes DA 2 tries to teach us is what happens when you become obsessed with something. 3 of the 4 LIs (Maybe 4 out of 4, but it’s not as obvious with Isabela) become obsessed with an idea and, to some extent, it fucks with their lives.

Merrill- Her obsession with her clan’s history leads to her complete alienation from them. There are a lot of real people and groups who’ve suffered because they clung to the past at the cost of their futures. Yes, Marethari had faults and bears responsibility for what happened, but Merrill isn’t completely guiltless. She is, and I will credit her for this, the most clear-minded of the three obsessive LIs: she comes up with back-up plans and she does recognize the danger of her actions. She even asks that Hawke be there to make sure nothing goes too wrong. However, her disregard for these consequences catches up with her, and in the very ugly and disproportionate way that consequences tend to affect people, both irl and in fiction. What if Hawke couldn’t kill her? What if she became a stronger abomination than could be handled by her friends? She should not be absolved of all responsibility.

Fenris- He and Anders both led very different lives, and their experiences colored their views. They both suffered and witnessed injustices and their views were taken to the extreme. Fenris’ desire for revenge and his obsessive (at this point, instinctive) hatred of mages both cripple him, which is best seen in romances with him. He even risks finding out about his past, finding his family again, for vengeance. He’s so terrified of his past and remembering anything but his hatred that he gives up any chance of a relationship with Hawke until Act 3, when he’s finally started to get closure as far as Danarius is concerned.

Anders- I see a lot of people who’ve excused some of Anders’ obsessiveness because he is supporting a cause. (Never mind that Merrill has a cause, albeit one more limited to the Dalish.) But Anders isn’t just supporting the cause of the mages; after Justice/Vengeance merges with Anders, he nearly becomes his own cause.  His obsession just grows deeper and deeper, you can see it progress from being a driving characteristic to the only driving characteristic he possesses. His party dialogue is extremely telling: he’s at least civil with Aveline, Carver and Merrill, he gets along great with Varric, Beth and Isabela, and he and Fenris mostly just bark at each other. As time goes on, his interactions become incredibly venomous: he and Fenris go to the perhaps natural progression of utter hatred, and he becomes so hateful of Merrill it’s actually hard to listen to his dialogue towards her. Even Isabela and Varric remark on it. Isabela and VARRIC, characters who are pretty easy to get along with, and who both have more positive interactions with Anders than anyone else, save a friendly/friendmance Hawke. His obsession with saving his fellow mages ends up killing a lot of them, whether or not Hawke supported the mages or the Templars at the end: with one attack on a neutral party, he starts a continent- (world-?) wide war.

Obsession is a common theme in fiction. It rarely leads to good things; the fact that these three lose so much because of their personal obsessions…I feel that it’s one of the understated points that Bioware tried to make in DA 2.

I feel like a lot of this was probably redundant, and if you feel the same, I apologize for the time you spent reading this. But I hope I made some sort of coherent point.

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