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im trying out a new thing with coloring anyway

modern au he’s a slam poet but also the lead singer of a fantasygrunge punk band called worldchanger. his slam alias is renegade but when he’s doing band shit his stage name is justice and he wears like neon blue contacts while singing

also he wears his fluffass coat everywhere he possibly can it’s like his Signature Item

ok that’s it that’s all ive got so far


not of mortal men  -  ⟨listen⟩

A mix for the apostate who believed in freedom, in mages, in good spirits and bad templars, with more fire than the sun.

I. A Slow Parade - A.A Bondy | ll. Wreck Of The Day - Anna Nalick | lll. Your Bones - Of Monsters And Men | lV. Kill and Run - Sia | V. Black Flies - Ben Howard | VI. King - Lauren Aquilina | VI. I Followed Fires - Matthew and the Atlas | VIII. Recovery - James Arthur | IX. My Whole Life - Warmer | X. 27 years - Ben & Alfie

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lmao this is pretty much one of my weird headcanons of these two. 

Anders picked up knitting after that banter in DA:A, just picture him knitting Ser Pounce a pair of booties. He drops it after going to Kirkwall, but once he and Hawke hooks up, he decides to knit him a sweater for some special occasion. Of course it turns out to be the most hideous thing Hawke’s ever seen, but he wears it anyway for Anders’ sake, which of course leads to Anderes knitting Hawke a matching mile long scarf. 

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