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okay, but here’s the thing about anders.

you can like him or you can dislike him, that’s completely up to you. i’m not saying you have to like him, or like his politics, or like his actions, or like that he prefers cats to mabari. that’s obviously up to you.

what is a problem is attributing really fucking terrible writing to his character.

what is a problem is making hateful, spiteful, terrible ableist comments about him.

what is a problem is erasing anders’ bisexuality OR abuse OR saying that you were so angry he hit on your male hawke that you killed him for revenge. ha ha. 

i’m angry that this new news that anders killed “hundreds” is going to make people feel even more justified in their anger against him. 

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(tw: ableism / ableist language)


One of the biggest complaints about Anders is that he allegedly has no control over himself at all, that he’s completely unstable and can’t be trusted not to lash out at any given moment.

He’s repeatedly called ‘crazy’ by just about everyone, including the few people he actually gets along with, like Varric, who considers it friendly advice to tell Hawke that maaaaaaybe the crazy mage isn’t good relationship material if they’re pursuing a relationship with Anders. He’s even called crazy as a joke—multiple times.

There’s really no arguing that they didn’t mean for us to think exactly along those lines ourselves—that of course, he’s obviously ‘crazy’—which they also repeatedly and ignorantly link to violent behavior.

-and yet-

Anders knew exactly who it was that turned Karl into an emotionless husk, knew he was torturing other mages, knew exactly where to find him, and probably could have, without much effort, found a way to kill him if he really wanted to.

He could have, but he didn’t.

Instead, he deliberately did not confront or attack him, and spent three years searching and waiting for enough legitimately incriminating information to bring to a higher authority in the hopes that they would have no choice but to do something about Alrik’s horrific abuses.

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My favourite thing about Dragon Age 2 so far:
When all of the party members have fallen and it’s just Anders with next to no health, he screams “don’t leave me behind!” before falling.

Update: In Legacy, during the final fight with Corypheus, all of the party members fell, leaving Anders to fight alone…and he whimpered “I’m trying…to…hold on” before dying himself.

Why would you tell me this and why do I want the audio for it?


You know, it’s really likely that while Anders was in solitary confinement he was the perfect target for demons. Like, you have this moderately powerful mage, locked alone in a cell, possibly half-starved by his captors, likely beginning to go mad from the isolation, with his only companionship found in a cat. There is absolutely no way he was not tempted by at least a few during this time, whispering promises of freedom and vengeance. Especially since it’s said in the games that even mages in ordinary circumstances face near-constant temptation.

And even as his YEAR in there came close to ending, which he may not have known since he probably had no sense of time by that point (if he was even told how long his confinement was to be), he never once gave in. Honestly, that takes a lot willpower, given the amount of times we see mages in the games turn to demons for, comparatively, more trivial reasons. Seriously, Anders is probably one of the most mentally strong characters in the series, considering he went through literal torture, and never once took the ‘easy’ way out.


im trying out a new thing with coloring anyway

modern au he’s a slam poet but also the lead singer of a fantasygrunge punk band called worldchanger. his slam alias is renegade but when he’s doing band shit his stage name is justice and he wears like neon blue contacts while singing

also he wears his fluffass coat everywhere he possibly can it’s like his Signature Item

ok that’s it that’s all ive got so far

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not of mortal men  -  ⟨listen⟩

A mix for the apostate who believed in freedom, in mages, in good spirits and bad templars, with more fire than the sun.

I. A Slow Parade - A.A Bondy | ll. Wreck Of The Day - Anna Nalick | lll. Your Bones - Of Monsters And Men | lV. Kill and Run - Sia | V. Black Flies - Ben Howard | VI. King - Lauren Aquilina | VI. I Followed Fires - Matthew and the Atlas | VIII. Recovery - James Arthur | IX. My Whole Life - Warmer | X. 27 years - Ben & Alfie

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