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This is an opinion, of course, but it goes against what Anders himself believes about love. Anders is pansexual, and a Hawke of any gender, class, personality or belief system is the love of his life. It’s Hawke that Anders wants, not a body or a voice or a set of abilities. Hawke.

*applause for Surely*

Yup, this is everything I have to say on this subject as well. I ship Anders with Hawke. The end.

I…sometimes get sad when I see people who want to headcanon that Anders is really straight or gay, because there seems to be an unspoken implication that there’s something wrong with him being bisexual or pansexual. Otherwise why bother to change it in your headcanon?

I am bisexual (though my definition of this matches the definition of pansexual, I just prefer the term bisexual for myself) and it took me a very long time to come out of the closet, because of the RL prejudice I kept encountering from both the LGBT community as well as the straight community. And sometimes, seeing stuff like that directed at Anders just reminds me of it, and makes me sad.

I’m not saying that’s what this particular confession is supposed to mean, but it’s something that’s been on my mind for a while now, so I guess this kind of gives me an excuse to put it out there. I guess I wonder if anyone else feels this way?

Yes, I agree with everything you said signcherie. I identify as pan as well (albeit of the asexual variety). It made so happy that Anders is portrayed in this way, caring little for the body, making the mind what is important to him.

He has canonically been with both men and women. Fact. I just think it takes something away from his character to deny that. To say, ‘well I find x type of relationship squicky so I’m going to make this character gay/straight.’ To be honest, it smacks a bit of erasure, and that is something I’m not comfortable with at all.

By all means, make your Hawke exclusively gay or straight, but please don’t take away something so wonderful from Anders’ character.

 Another pansexual here, agreeing with all of the above. Anders’s “I’ve always believed people fall in love with a person, not a body. Why would you shy away from loving someone just because they’re like you?” made me fall in love with him, and the writers. <3

Have I told you people how much I love you? Surely and Frankie and Anna (and cherie - but I don’t know you but love you still).

All the above is why I love Anders more than any videogame character ever before or since. 

^The above commentary made me very happy. :)



This what if…? almost calls for some serious discussion!

I agree. Cat was fierce and protective and much more politically savvy.

This is definitely true. Ned let his honor blind him to the truth of his situation. If he had shared his suspicions with his wife, she would have figured out how best to handle the situation. I mean, look at how she got Tyrion. She knows what strings to pull and how to twist situations to benefit her. She and Cersei are both incredibly clever and wily.

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