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#our father who art in heaven #hallowed be thy name #thy kingdom come #thy will be done #on earth as it is in heaven #give us this viv our bisexual viv #and forgive us our trespasses #as we forgive bioware who trespass against us #and lead us not into heterosexuality #but deliver us from straightness #for thine is the love interest #the romance and the inquisition #forever and ever #amen
tumblr user altonym, tag praying for us all (via morrigan-disapproves)


im trying out a new thing with coloring anyway

modern au he’s a slam poet but also the lead singer of a fantasygrunge punk band called worldchanger. his slam alias is renegade but when he’s doing band shit his stage name is justice and he wears like neon blue contacts while singing

also he wears his fluffass coat everywhere he possibly can it’s like his Signature Item

ok that’s it that’s all ive got so far

Perfect Gift

  • Inquisitor:

    Leliana, I need to speak with you.

  • Leliana:

    Is something troubling you, Inquisitor?

  • Inquisitor:

    Josephine has set up a diplomatic meeting with the new Arishock.

  • Leliana:

    Do you need use of my agents?

  • Inquisitor:

    No, no... I need to bring a peace offering. Apparently you know this Qunari, he once traveled with the Hero of Fereldan.

  • Leliana:

    Ah. I know who you speak of. You will need not worry, I will take care of this.

  • Inquisitor:

    Uh, what?

  • Leliana:

    Trust me, Inquisitor. All will be well.

  • The Arishok receives a shipment of cookies and a cute kitten with a note attached to it.

  • The Inquisition gains an new ally.

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