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Since apparently this blog is now a DA rant-fest too….

I need to get something off of my chest.

I love Dragon Age 2, but I’ll admit some of the writing was less-than-stellar. I also love Anders, as dickish as he became throughout DA 2.

There is, however, one thing I absolutely cannot stand, nor can I fathom why it was in the actual game.

Anders approving if you surrender Fenris to Danarius.

That is just major WTF to me. Especially considering the fact that by that point, the game has been SHOVING this idea of Anders being merged with Justice DOWN OUR THROATS. Justice does not approve of slavery. Hell, in his Awakening banter with Anders, Justice couldn’t differentiate between keeping a cat as a pet and slavery. Why the sudden change? And you know what? Fuck Justice. I have a hard time swallowing the fact that Anders is okay with it. He keeps telling Fenris that he can’t be against slavery but for the templars, so why would you be against the Circle but be for Fenris returning to slavery? Yes, there’s a lot of hypocrisy in the game, and that’s how it should be. Reality is hypocritical. At the same time, this completely crosses a line in my head.

Fenris is honestly the better man in this game. Yeah, he and Anders both loathe each other with a passion. (So much so that somebody should put them in a video to the song “What is this Feeling?” because it would be cracktastic and make sense and just yeah.)

But Fenris never turns Anders in to the Circle. He just suggests that mages and non-mages are better off with the existence of the Circle. THERE’S EVEN PARTY BANTER ABOUT THIS:

Paraphrased like HELL

Sebastian: Hey, so Anders and Merrill are totally malificarum and the Chantry says that’s really bad, so we should TURN THEM THE FUCK IN TO THE CIRCLE.

Fenris: Not gonna do it.

Sebastian: But why not?

Fenris: It’s a bad idea. Just try explaining their disappearance to Hawke, dude. We’re better off just putting up with their bullshit.

Fenris, who calls Anders and Merrill monsters every chance he gets, who antagonizes them every time they screw up, is the one who STOPS SEBASTIAN FROM PUTTING THEM IN PRISON. He effectively keeps them alive, which appears to be something Anders either doesn’t fucking understand, or is just such a dick that he doesn’t care. And as messed up as he is, I do not want to believe that Anders is so far gone in his dickery that he would be so quick to throw Fenris back to the wolves.

One could argue that since Justice is more Vengeance, Anders’ reaction is justifiable. To those of you who would say this, I call shenanigans.

I truly do.

on killing Anders


The way I see it the best way to punish Anders for what he did is letting him live. Making him live with what he’s done.

I’m under the impression a lot of people, even ones who side with the mages kill Anders as punishment for his actions. Well, it’s hardly punishment if it’s what he wants, right?

Anders started this war between mages and the Chantry. I think he should see it through. 

In my opinion, the way Anders speaks, he wants to die after the Chantry incident. He wants to be seen as a martyr, to be a symbol of war. He doesn’t actually want to be part of it. By making him live, making him fight in the war he started, I think that is just. He is still paying with his life, but he’s making it count. He must struggle to actually make the world the way he wants it to be. If you kill him, he’s just dead. Nothing. How is nothingness a punishment? He’s more useful alive than dead.

I used to rant about real world things, things that actually affected people.  Now I rant about the political and moral implications of video game story-lines. I don’t even.

Corrected edition.

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