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Remember how Margaret Atwood said that a man’s worst fear was being laughed at by a woman? And a woman’s worst fear was being killed by a man?

Yeah, this is exactly what she was talking about.

Prospective employers, friends, and future girlfriends: this is how Matthew Davitt thinks. Matthew Davitt thinks that joking about raping women he doesn’t know is really, really funny. (And Nathan Alexander Sugerman, J.D. Sharp, and Alfred De Santos agree.)


The submitter writes:

a friend posted this on facebook and then argued with me that it wasn’t offensive and even though it was stereotyping people, it didn’t matter because people stereotype people with tattoos and no one’s mind will ever change about anything so what’s the point, why can’t she post it? and then i posted it on tumblr and some dude and some teenager tried to tell me there was no way it was sexist. am i crazy?

Well first of all, when the man gets to find his soul and the woman just gets to not be harmed, that’s a pretty big disparity.

But second - and more importantly - that is NOT a Cherokee Proverb. So someone - and my money is on a white person, because come on - has taken this picture of a Native couple, imposed their gender binarist/essentialist crap upon it, and thrust it into the world.

You hate when the meaning of a word changes?

Then why are you referring to homosexuals as gay? Surely you know that the word “gay” originally meant “happy” and “bright.”

I hate to be the one to tell ya this, but language evolves. Just because you have a quibble with common English vernacular doesn’t mean that we’re gonna sit on our asses and content ourselves with being second-class citizens.

Also the coming up with a separate term for gays has already been tried. Civil unions provide maybe a tenth of the rights a marriage provides. The “separate but equal” concept didn’t work in the 60’s. Why would your silly heterosexist little head think it would work now?

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